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July 5th – 9th 2018


All persons on the boat (Anglers, Captains, and Passengers) must have a Turks & Caicos fishing license, if found without one you will be disqualified from the tournament. Licenses are available at Blue Haven Marina and Turtle Cove Marina office.

All anglers and crew members are expected to be familiar with the IGFA Salt Water angling Rules. The Angler must hook, fight and bring the fish to the point of release unaided by any other person. No one other than the angler may touch the rod. IGFA salt water angling Rules apply at all Caicos Classic tournaments with the following exceptions:

  • Maximum line strength shall not exceed that of the manufactures stated 130 lb. (60kg) test.
  • Alternate anglers are allowed. Committee must be notified by 7am that day, with a maximum total of 4 anglers per boat.
  • For a release to qualify for points the following conditions must be met:
    1. The leader is brought within the grasp of the mate
    2. Video and / or camera footage has been recorded

Release points shall be scored as follows:

  • If you are using natural bait or natural bait and artificial lure combinations you must use a non-offset circle hook. J hooks may still be used with artificial lures.
  • A maximum of 5 baited (hooked) lines may be fished at one time on each boat, with no limit to teasers
  • Each boat must supply themselves with a video recorder and or a Camera to record all hook-ups and releases that can be down loaded by the committee the same day. The appropriate cords/ leads also need to be supplied by Captain.
  • To score an official release on video / still picture ALL footage must include the team Number allocated to you daily. Must have sufficient continuous footage to:
    1. Clearly identify the species
    2. Show a team member or crew touching the leader while the fish is still hooked/li>
    3. Identify the time and date of the catch
    4. Show the catch and full release of the fish

    The video must be continuous with no breaks in recording and identify all of the above elements. If you delete any coverage before handing it over to the committee the fish will be disqualified. Each registered Angler and boat Captain must then sign the Catch-report affidavit. At the end of the days fishing, the signed affidavit and the video/ camera and camera connections used to plug into a computer must be brought to the weigh station at Blue Haven Resort Marina and handed to a committee member for verification of official release points. Catch reports must be turned in by 6pm unless a team is fighting a fish after lines out at 4.30pm


Junior Angler world records are kept for the heaviest fish of the eligible Species, in any line class up to 60 kg (130 lb) in small fry and junior categories. Small fry records are kept for both male and female anglers, ages 0-10. Junior Records are Kept for both male and female anglers, ages 11-16. Each species recognized for line class records and tippet class records is also recognized for Junior Angler records.

Captain must report to the committee boat the exact time of hook-ups / releases and lines broken, and report all details on sheet provided. If for any reason you do not receive a confirmation from the Committee boat, you should call the committee Art on -1-649-231-0278 or Belinda 1-649-331-7944, and if you are still unable to contact the committee, please radio the closest participating boat and receive confirmation from them.

  • Once the fish has been declared to be released by the angler, the fish cannot be taken out of the water and/or brought on any part of the boat at any time. If the fish is brought on the boat for any reason what so ever the boat will be penalized 300 points.
  • An angler may fight a fish until it is lost or released so long as it was hooked and reported to the committee boat prior to “lines out”.
  • If a boat is hooked up and fighting a fish all other boats should stand clear.
  • Ties will be broken by the time of the first fish released.
  • Fishing hours shall be 8 am – 4.30 pm.
  • Tournament fishing is restricted to The Turks and Caicos waters only. Bahamian waters are off limits!
  • Any protest must be in writing and filled with committee on the same day as the alleged violation.
  • This is an individual boat tournament and no boat will be allowed to substitute for Another.
  • Decision of the rules committee is final.

All boats must have a working VHF radio

  • Channel 19 shall be used to contact the committee boat. Relay communication is allowed if a boat is not able to contact the committee boat directly.
  • It is expressly understood that all participants in the tournament enter at their own risk. By registering as an angler in the tournament, the angler holds harmless and Caicos classic, committee, officials, sponsors, donors and all persons, connected with the tournament from any libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, from injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, sports fisherman, their companions, crew, family members, vessels, and equipment which may occur during or in conjunction with the tournament.
  • By registering in the tournament the angler consents that the Caicos Classic may use without payment or restriction any photographs in which he is appears for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited, resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material. The angler further releases the tournament officials from any loss, injury or damage that may result from said pictures.
  • By signing the entry form, the angler agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Caicos Classic.

Download the 2018 Angling Rules Form by clicking the button to the right and saving the PDF file.

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